Have you ever experienced this?​

You are soon going to Mother Russia. And you’ll be meeting a client or a vendor there. Your client speaks Russian English, but he is so slow it takes ages. Sometimes you don’t recognize the words he says and his bizarre jokes make you squirm. You are going to have an hour meeting which will take three instead. Besides, your Russian client’s staff don’t understand English at all. They stay with you for three hours, some nodding like bobbleheads, some scrolling through Facebook. You could spend those hours working or go see the Red Square. What if problems could be solved quicker?

We do quick translation

It’s always difficult to understand which kind of translation to choose. You are not alone! We are here to listen to your story and suggest interpreters and equipment. And you will choose the best option.

Huge projects often start with tiny budgets. We will suggest ways to save and explain how they work. And you will prioritize your goals and channel extra money to other needs.

No two meetings are alike. Some talks are held in private, and some contracts are signed in the public eye. Some multilingual events are real performances, and the interpreter is to chime with mood. We will match you. And you will get a customized solution, choose appropriate equipment and translation style.

Are you new to interpretation?

Language Students

After the graduation young interpreters are making their first steps in the professional market. They have to withstand the storm of unfamiliar topics, cope with pressure and a zillion troubles. Specialized vocabulary is not an easy thing to find, and after you find it you still have to learn it. We will help you study out things that are not taught at Universities and grasp the translation market sentiment. You will blend with the linguistic community. And we will help you make head or tail of terms and grammar structures. ​


Freelance Interpreters

After a number of years of in translation ambitious freelance interpreters start asking questions: How to make my way up? How to expand the range of topics I interpret? If you are among such interpreters, you will find like-minded fellows at Interpretlab. Together we will discuss practical cases, escape deadlocks and fight insecurities. You will become an equal player in this interpretation forum and take away as much knowledge as you possibly can.

Inhouse Interpreters​

Corporate interpreters who have been with the company for a number of years are dab hands at the company’s business. However, they sometimes lose grip on other topics. And the unexpected always comes into the translator’s life at a most awkward moment. How to stay sharp for life if you translate same things every day? We’ll make a collection of linguistic surprises for you and help you think out of your daily box! And you will break out of your comfort zone to explore new topics and take to Medieval painting translation like a duck to water.

Linguistic Departments Managers​

Employers want their staff to interpret smoothly at the production sites, shops and beyond. An interpreter must be ready to perform his/her duties in the CEO’s office, in the conference hall of a hotel, in a confidential meeting at an expensive restaurant or even at a party. The more events your inhouse translators cover, the more money the company saves. Educated inhouse interpreters help reduce outsource expenses. We will do our best to diversify the knowledge and skills of your interpreters, so that they could easily translate both financial analytics and anecdotes at an office party.