Simo and Consec Interpreting Course «Finance: A Game of Chess»

Languages: English into Russian and Russian into English

Difficulty level: medium and high

Duration: Standard 40 TH* (5 full days or 2 weeks, evenings), Standard+ 48 TH (7 days), Quick Start 16 TH (2 days).

Target Audience: Linguistics students, simo/consec interpreters (beginners to intermediate), full-time language specialists and inhouse interpreters/translators

Specialization: finance, economics, financial markets (final choice to be made by the students)


 «Finance: A Game of Chess» is an introduction into the world of financial interpretation. It encompasses a number of difficulties interpreters face when working in the financial industry (banks, government bodies, markets, accounting, regulatory bodies etc.).

 During the course students will get a chance to pigeonhole their knowledge of corporate finance, audit and supervision, refresh their financial vocabulary and learn about an impressive number of economic terms and beyond. Participants will discuss both basic notions and principles and go deep into the intricacies of the financial world. The training will focus on the linguistic equivalents, vocabulary building and best ways to interpret economic routines.

«Finance: A Game of Chess» aims at solidifying and improving one’s translation and interpreting skills. Texts for interpretation and discussion can be described as moderate-to-complex. This will require at least basic interpretation skills. The coach however is determined to help the students out of the financial jungles and incoherent speeches.

Apart from studying the financial block students will also practice simultaneous interpretation strategies. The group will analyze particular use cases of reformulation, salami technique, stalling, compression and decompression. Special attention will be paid to forecasting before and during interpretation. All of the above will come to relief in times of emergency, when facing super quick or slow speakers, stumbling on an unfamiliar term or lost in subordinate clauses. This is why factual information is accompanied by comments on the choice of translation techniques. Interpretation strategies are then put into practice on the topical texts.

What makes «Finance: A Game of Chess» different from other courses?

  • All texts used for interpretation are real talks, interviews and presentations and are by no means adapted for learning. Those are prepared and spontaneous statements/speeches containing specific peculiarities of the spoken language.
  • Students will analyze their own work and the work of other simo interpreters. The coach will provide translation samples for discussion with exercises.
  • This is a bidirectional course, i.e. students will train to interpret both ways between Russian and English (as distinct from the UN standards). This meets today’s translation market requirements.
  • Most of the texts used are of a non-diplomatic character. The texts are very similar to everyday financial conversations at large companies and typical translation tasks of the freelance interpreters in the modern market. Those are polylogues with speakers interrupting each other, internal squabbles with emotional outbreaks, cases of low sound quality etc.

*TH – teaching hours, 45 minutes