Ordering interpreting courses

You can order a course, a training or an advanced development program online or contact us via e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram. The operator will contact you right after the order. We can also call you back if you please!

Overcome fear with action) Have a look at the training materials. At your request we will forward you sample texts and workbooks. And you will be free to decide if the workload is adequate. You will then make up your mind on attending the course now or coming back in a year. Another good idea would be talking to your coach and telling him/her more about your background. The coach will assess your qualification and suggest solutions. You can also ask any questions anonymously in WhatsApp or by e-mail. By the way, all our materials are also assigned to difficulty levels:


for first to third year University students or those new to interpreting


for unexperienced simultaneous interpreters, hands-on interpreters with a number of years of experience, for interpreters after a sick or a maternity leave, or any other idle period in this profession; for professional translators and consecutive interpreters shifting to simultaneous


for advanced participants who do simo and consec on the topics different from the topic of the workshop; professional trainings for experienced simultaneous interpreters

Real curse of most training courses for interpreters is their simplicity. Things discussed seem obvious and conversations – uninformative. Money is wasted, be it individual savings or corporate budget. To say nothing of the precious time! We find such cases outrageous. That’s why we send sample texts and tasks in advance. You can check out the vocabulary and audio tracks complexity and position yourself against the training difficulty level. Besides, you can talk to the coach and make sure the course isn’t a size too small for you.

The best thing to do when choosing your professional training is learning other people’s opinions. You can find those in Testimonials. Another idea would be checking out our coaches’ CVs. We are also ready to answer any questions about each course. Don’t hesitate to ask for an excerpt from a workbook or a Skype call.

Heads of Linguistic Departments want their interpreters to be in the office during their working days as there might be ‘emergency translations’. We respect short summons and key managers and organize within-post development on your premises.

The time a freelancer spends on training is his/her potential (expensive!) working time. Our courses can be tuned to fill up one’s evenings and days off. We choose most convenient time and agree it with the group. And sometimes we even postpone classes if the whole group agrees. We are also kids friendly, i.e. we meet the needs of interpreters on parental leave (if the group agrees).

We are looking forward to working together with hands-on interpreters who have something to share with colleagues. If you are an experienced simultaneous/consecutive interpreter and you developed a course you find exciting, tell us about it!