Our team

Ksenia Kobiakova

English/Russian simultaneous interpreter with 10 years hands-on experience in interpretation and translation.

Graduate from the Southern Federal University, Master of British Studies, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin.

Ksenia has impressive experience of interpreting in various spheres, such as retail, textiles production, investment and insurance companies. Was employed by some of the Russian and global industry leaders: Danone, Gloria Jeans, Renaissance Insurance.

Specializes in investments, risk management, financial markets and exchange business, corporate governance.

As a freelancer Ksenia participated in a countless number of projects. The variety of translation topics includes plaiting, beer brewing, visual merchandising, social security, etc. Among freelance projects is also International Young Journalists Forum support, Skolkovo lectures by prominent Russian and international speakers, opening ceremony of the Match TV channel.

Ksenia is inhouse simultaneous interpreter. She works with the leading Russian economists and representatives of the CBR. At international events she interprets for the Governor of the Central Bank of Russia, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, former Minister of Finance and others.

In 2014 Ksenia participated in an advanced training for simultaneous interpretation coaches in the Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture. A year later she developed her first financial translation course. She is currently conducting financial workshops, works as an interpretation coach and trains interpreters face to face.

With her strong interest in academic development, Ksenia also speaks at translation conferences, such as Translation Forum Russia and Summer and Winter Translation Schools organized by the Translators Union of Russia

Ksenia’s approach to interpreters’ training is both traditional and original. She is basing on the classic Soviet and European teaching concepts and selects optimal tracks for exercise. Vocabulary and interpreting drills are accompanied by practical interpretation cases and interpretation samples.

Rodion Korolkov

English/Russian interpreter and translator. Rodion has over 25 years of professional experience, including 13 years of translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in oil industry.

His career started in the Irkutsk rep office of TNK BP where he focused on oil exploration, extraction, transportation, oil and gas processing, drilling and pipeline construction. Rodion interpreted negotiations with administrative bodies on economic and legal issues, meetings with Petrofac International managers and general contractor executives (Stroytransgas).

Other professional tasks included consecutive interpretation and translation for Kovykta and Verkhnechonsk Oil and Gas Condensate Field projects, local gas infrastructure development. He interpreted offsite meetings at Kovykta gas condensate field and on the construction site of Kovykta-Zhigalovo-Sayansk pipeline. At the same time, he provided linguistic support at Sayanskhimplast chemical complex.

His career progression speeded up at TNK BP integrity management group in Nizhnevartovsk where he mastered troubleshooting specifics and studied pipeline maintenance, pipeline overhaul and integrity control of linear pipelines and site facilities.

At Nabors Int. drilling site Rodion interpreted during various projects implementation. The topics included well control, drilling mud makeup, drilling rig mobilization and relocation, electromechanical equipment maintenance (generators, pumps, boilers, drilling tongs, pipe handlers, blowout preventers, switchgear room, sreen separators).

As a technical translator he also joined document translation projects by Gazprom, Arcticgas, Shtokman Development AG, Rospan Int.

Since 2011 Rodion has proudly been a member of the Salym Petroleum team. ‘On his balance’ he’s got a number of successful projects: associated gas disposition, export pipeline overhaul and others. Rodion also interprets meetings and translates documents of the ESP unit and Production Analysis Department, supports drilling facilities R&M Dpt and interprets for the field manager. Now he is well-versed in development activities, oil extraction and transportation.

If you are still not impressed by the spooky words and acronyms form Rodion’s CV, mind that this gentleman is also a professional vocalist. One can hear him sing operatic arias from “The Queen of Spades” and “Prince Igor”.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

The mind behind Interpretlab. Politician, master of rhetoric, philosopher and writer. His essay “On Invention. The Best Kind of Orator”.

was the first work devoted to translation. It runs, in particular, that translating from Greek helps orators improve and prepare for public speaking.

Cicero was the first philosopher to criticize word for word translation and condemn it as a reflection of the translator’s linguistic misery.

We are fully on board with Cicero. Translation and interpretation must be aimed at the recipient, cause translators work for the benefit of their customers. Following directions of the Roman philosopher, our team is working hard on translation equivalence and heading towards source language realities.