How long is the course?

This depends on the course. From 2 days to 1,5 months or even longer if the customer prefers. For instance, standard Financial Interpretation Course is 40 academic hours (30 clock hours). The hours can be squeezed into a couple of days or dragged out for a whole year.

Where do you teach?

We rent premises within the Moscow metro circle line. Some trainings for students are organized at Universities. And we work with inhouse translators on the company territory.

What if I find the course too difficult?

One can get training materials in advance. It is worth listening to the sample texts used during classes. They will help you understand the difficulty level. We can also organize a meeting or a skype call with your future coach. And you can ask any questions about the preparation required.

Could my employer pay for my training?

Yes, your company can do that if the money for training is budgeted. In this case you should first find out about the budget and then apply for a development program. Companies are usually interested in training their staff. And employees focused on improving their professional skills are greatly appreciated.

What if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, we don’t compensate for the classes you miss. When occasion offers, one can attend the missed class with another group. However, this is not always possible. In any case you will receive workbooks and audio tracks for the class and a home task (if any).

I need a customized course on stock market data for my staff. Can you provide one?

Yes, we can. We will create a customized course for your inhouse translators and interpreters. For this we’ll need to know your preferred topics, course requirements and teaching hours. And of course, the training will take some time to prepare.

Our staff can only train on Fridays, is that ok?

Yes, on the nod. Tell us about your preferred course duration and let us figure out how many Fridays it will take.